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Title:         Breckinridge family papers, 1752-1965.
Description:   206,000 items.
               875 containers plus 3 oversize.
               37 microfilm reels.
               265 linear feet.
Local Call No: 0314B
               Oversize 0113J
               Oversize 5:7
               Microfilm 18,291-37N-37P
Notes:         Open to research.
               Correspondence, diaries, speeches, articles, subject
                  files, financial and legal records, scrapbooks, and
                  other papers of various Breckinridge family members.
                   Papers of John Breckinridge document his service as
                  Kentucky attorney general and legislator; his years
                  as U.S. attorney general and senator; the Alien and
                  Sedition Acts; and the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798
                  and 1799.  Papers of Robert J. Breckinridge pertain
                  primarily to his ministry in the Presbyterian
                  Church.  Papers of John C. Breckinridge relating
                  principally to his service as U.S. representative;
                  his law practice in Lexington, Ky.; his business
                  activites including the Elizabethtown, Lexington and
                  Big Sandy Railroad Co. and real estate in Kentucky;
                  and his voluntary exile following his service as a
                  Confederate Army general.  Papers of William
                  Campbell Preston Breckinridge relating to his law
                  practice in Lexington, Ky.; his Civil War service
                  under Confederate Army General John Hunt Morgan; his
                  editorship of the Lexington Observer and Reporter;
                  and his work as U.S. representative from Kentucky. 
                  Papers of Joseph Cabell Breckinridge pertain to his
                  service in the Union Army and following the Civil
                  War as inspector general of the U.S. Army and to his
                  activities with the Sons of the American
               Also includes papers of Clifton Rodes Breckinridge
                  relating to his work as U.S. representative from
                  Kentucky and as American minister to Russia; papers
                  of Mary Desha relating primarily to the Daughters of
                  the American Revolution; papers of Sophonisba
                  Preston Breckinridge chiefly concerning her
                  pioneering efforts in the field of social work and
                  social legislation and her participation in the
                  Pan-American Conference (1933); papers of Madeline
                  McDowell Breckinridge of Lexington relating to her
                  work on behalf of civic affairs, social reform, and
                  women's suffrage at the local, state, and national
                  level; and papers of Henry Breckinridge relating to
                  his service as assistant secretary of war in
                  President Wilson's administration, his World War I
                  service with the American Expeditionary Forces in
                  Europe, his law practice in New York, N.Y., his work
                  as legal counsel in the Lindbergh kidnapping case,
                  his candidacy for the U.S. Senate from New York
                  State as a member of the Constitutional Party
                  (1934), and his entrance in 1936 into presidential
                  preferential primaries in four states opposing
                  Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal; and papers of
                  Desha Breckinridge, Katherine Carson Breckinridge,
                  and other family members.
               Correspondents include Jane Addams, Henry T. Allen,
                  Alben William Barkley, Montgomery Blair, Braxton
                  Bragg, Mary Breckinridge, Carrie Chapman Catt,
                  William Conant Church, Grover Cleveland, John F.
                  Condon, Harold W. Dodds, Jubal Anderson Early,
                  Antoinette Funk, Edward Miner Gallaudet, A.W.
                  Greely, Ernest Gruening, James Guthrie, John
                  Marshall Harlan, Rutherford B. Hayes, Hilary A.
                  Herbert, Cordell Hull, Harold L. Ickes, Thomas
                  Jefferson, Tom Loftin Johnson, George Blackburn
                  Kinkead, Alfred M. Landon, H.W. Lawton, Robert E.
                  Lee, Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), James Madison,
                  Beriah Magoffin, A. Dudley Mann, John Marshall,
                  William McKinley, Nelson Appleton Miles, Samuel
                  Miller, James Monroe, John Hunt Morgan, Frances
                  Perkins, Horace Porter, Hjalmar Johna Fredrik
                  Procopé, Redfield Proctor, Henry M. Rice, Franklin
                  D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, T.O. Selfridge,
                  Anna Howard Shaw, Isaac Shelby, Jouett Shouse, Ruth
                  Hanna McCormick Simms, Adlai E. Stevenson
                  (1835-1914), Oscar Straus, Jacob Thompson, Fred M.
                  Vinson, James Wolcott Wadsworth, William Allen
                  White, Woodrow Wilson, and Stephen Samuel Wise.
               Microfilm edition available for the papers of
                  Sophonisba P. Breckinridge (containers 739-778), no.
               Microfilm produced from originals in the Manuscript
                  Division. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress
                  Photoduplication Service, 1981.
               Gift, Breckinridge family, 1905-2012.
               Other gifts and purchases, 1908-1981.
               Engravings, maps, photographs, sheet music, and other
                  material transferred to appropriate divisions of the
                  Library of Congress.
               Family prominent in Kentucky and national politics and
               Collection material in English.
               Finding aid available in the Library of Congress
                  Manuscript Reading Room and at
Subjects:      Addams, Jane, 1860-1935 -- Correspondence.
               Allen, Henry T. (Henry Tureman), 1859-1930 --
               Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956 -- Correspondence.
               Blair, Montgomery, 1813-1883 -- Correspondence.
               Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876 -- Correspondence.
               Breckinridge, Mary, 1826-1907 -- Correspondence.
               Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947 -- Correspondence.
               Church, William Conant, 1836-1917 -- Correspondence.
               Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908 -- Correspondence.
               Condon, John F. (John Francis), 1860-1945 --
               Dodds, Harold W. (Harold Willis), 1889-1980 --
               Early, Jubal Anderson, 1816-1894 -- Correspondence.
               Funk, Antoinette, -1942 -- Correspondence.
               Gallaudet, Edward Miner, 1837-1917 -- Correspondence.
               Greely, A. W. (Adolphus Washington), 1844-1935 --
               Gruening, Ernest, 1887-1974 -- Correspondence.
               Guthrie, James, 1792-1869 -- Correspondence.
               Harlan, John Marshall, 1833-1911 -- Correspondence.
               Hayes, Rutherford B., 1822-1893 -- Correspondence.
               Herbert, Hilary A. (Hilary Abner), 1834-1919 --
               Hull, Cordell, 1871-1955 -- Correspondence.
               Ickes, Harold L. (Harold LeClair), 1874-1952 --
               Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 -- Correspondence.
               Johnson, Tom Loftin, 1854-1911 -- Correspondence.
               Kinkead, George Blackburn -- Correspondence.
               Landon, Alfred M. (Alfred Mossman), 1887-1987 --
               Lawton, Henry Ware, 1843-1899 -- Correspondence.
               Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870 --
               Lindbergh, Charles Augustus, 1930-1932 -- Kidnapping,
               Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924 -- Correspondence.
               Madison, James, 1751-1836 -- Correspondence.
               Magoffin, Beriah, 1815-1885 -- Correspondence.
               Mann, A. Dudley (Ambrose Dudley), 1801-1889 --
               Marshall, John, 1755-1835 -- Correspondence.
               McKinley, William, 1843-1901 -- Correspondence.
               Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 -- Correspondence.
               Miller, Samuel, 1769-1850 -- Correspondence.
               Monroe, James, 1758-1831 -- Correspondence.
               Morgan, John Hunt, 1825-1864 -- Correspondence.
               Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965 -- Correspondence.
               Porter, Horace, 1837-1921 -- Correspondence.
               Procopé, Hjalmar Johan Fredrik, 1889-1954 --
               Proctor, Redfield, 1831-1908 -- Correspondence.
               Rice, Henry M. (Henry Mower), 1816-1894 --
               Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 --
               Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 -- Correspondence.
               Selfridge, T. O. (Thomas Oliver), 1836-1924 --
               Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919 -- Correspondence.
               Shelby, Isaac, 1750-1826 -- Correspondence.
               Shouse, Jouett, 1879-1968 -- Correspondence.
               Simms, Ruth Hanna McCormick, 1880-1944 --
               Stevenson, Adlai E. (Adlai Ewing), 1835-1914 --
               Straus, Oscar, 1870-1954 -- Correspondence.
               Thompson, Jacob, 1810-1885 -- Correspondence.
               Vinson, Fred M., 1890-1953 -- Correspondence.
               Wadsworth, James Wolcott, 1846-1926 -- Correspondence.
               White, William Allen, 1868-1944 -- Correspondence.
               Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 -- Correspondence.
               Wise, Stephen S. (Stephen Samuel), 1874-1949 --
               Breckinridge family.
               Confederate States of America. Army.
               Kentucky. Attorney General's Office.
               Kentucky. General Assembly.
               United States. Army.
               United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces.
               United States. Army. Office of the Inspector General.
               United States. Attorney-General.
               United States. Congress. House.
               United States. Congress. Senate.
               United States. War Department.
               Constitutional Party.
               Daughters of the American Revolution.
               Elizabethtown, Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad Co.
               Sons of the American Revolution.
               Pan-American Conference (1933 : Montevideo, Uruguay)
               Lexington observer and reporter.
               Alien and Sedition laws, 1798.
               American Confederate voluntary exiles.
               Diplomatic and consular service, American -- Russia.
               Kentucky and Virginia resolutions of 1798.
               Practice of law -- Kentucky -- Lexington.
               Practice of law -- New York (State) -- New York.
               Presbyterian Church -- Clergy.
               Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1936.
               Railroads -- Kentucky.
               Real estate investment -- Kentucky.
               Social legislation -- Kentucky.
               Social legislation -- United States.
               Social service -- Kentucky.
               Social service -- United States.
               Women -- Suffrage.
               Kentucky -- Politics and government -- 1792-1865.
               Kentucky -- Politics and government -- 1865-1951.
               Russia -- Foreign relations -- United States.
               United States -- Foreign relations -- Russia.
               United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.
               United States -- Politics and government -- 19th
               United States -- Politics and government -- 20th
Other authors: Breckinridge, Clifton Rodes, 1846-1932. Clifton Rodes
                  Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Desha, 1867-1935. Desha Breckinridge
               Breckinridge, Henry, 1886-1960. Henry Breckinridge
               Breckinridge, John, 1760-1806. John Breckinridge
               Breckinridge, John C. (John Cabell), 1821-1875. John
                  C. Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell, 1842-1920. Joseph Cabell
                  Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Katherine Carson. Katherine Carson
                  Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Madeline McDowell, 1872-1920. Madeline
                  McDowell Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Robert J. (Robert Jefferson), 1800-1871.
                  Robert J. Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. (Sophonisba Preston),
                  1866-1948.. Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge papers.
               Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston, 1837-1904.
                  William Campbell Preston Breckinridge papers.
               Desha, Mary, 1850-1911. Mary Desha papers.
Location:      Library of Congress Manuscript Division Washington,
                  D.C. 20540 USA dcu
Source:        DLC eng dacs DLC DLC
Control No.:   5806827
URL:           Finding aid
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